I decided to write a blog on the state of the US & Politics for a lot of reasons, so i’ll try to detail them in my first post. Number one though, I’m going to be a terrible writer, so please don’t hold that against me or my thoughts. Anyways, lets jump right in.

I feel like I’m forever stuck in the middle, often times I can see both sides of an arguement. I don’t end up on the left or the right. I think it’s ridiculous for people to limit their thinking like that. So I wanted to put in a word from the middle, probably the only group that really wants ¬†everyone to sit down and just talk.

I search online a lot just to try and find facts and statistics on things. It’s very very hard to find them. This information is usually covered in layer after layer of slant from one side or the other, along with lots of convienent facts suggesting incorrect conclusions. IE, a politician saying I voted 50 times for spending cuts so I’m for spending cuts, not mentioning the 75 times he voted for spending raises and also leaving out total dollars. We only get a fraction of the truth or facts from ALL of them. Don’t tell me one side is better then the other, if you believe that, then your part of the problem.

The recent piece of legislation called Sopa was another one, that should throw up alarms for alot of people on both sides of the political aisle. It seems like the legislation was written from the standpoint of business, and ignoring the rights of individuals. Most alarming is that the politicians sponsoring it(from both parties) probably barely understood what they were trying to get passed. Begging the next question, how much legislation gets passed with unknown effects? Where does it come from? There is quite a bit of little stuff that no one knows about, and it’s mostly passed for the benefit of someones business. Which is not to say always a bad thing, but the greater benefit of the country must always be weighed against profits for someones private business.

Lobbying is the last thing for today, some of it is good and some of it is bad. It’s largely kept in the dark from most of us. There is lobbying for tons and tons of things. I believe there should be complete public accounting of it, especially with concern for private business. We have plenty of good lobbying for Cancer, Aids, etc. etc, but there is also the other lobbies which exist to help businesses operate with less taxation and less restriction from the government.